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Bizness Suit is a 4 piece rock band from Charleston, SC. The band was originally founded in 2014 by Sean Barry (guitar/vocals) and Drew Tapp (bass). Between the two, Bizness Suit funded and recorded their first LP, self titled "Bizness Suit". Around the time of the final tracking, the band brought in drummer Jeremy Hunton to record the last few songs and become the 3rd member of the group.
With LP in hand, Bizness Suit promoted the album around all neighborhoods in Charleston. IN 2015, the band connected with LA producer Martin Guigui and began making plans to record a full LP at Lion Share Studios in LA. After a 3 month Kickstarter campaign, a long plane trip, and a week in the studio, Bizness Suit had recorded their debut album, "Grey Sky Blues". During the mixing process, Guigui introduced the band to rock and roll legends Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top and Scott Page of Pink Floyd/Supertramp. Page contributed to 2 tracks on the album, and Gibbons recorded a solo on the single "Rock 'N' Rolla" while on the "Perfectamundo" tour.
Shortly after the recording of Gibbons, the trio met and signed with Pacific Records of San Diego. With the backing of Pacific, the band released the album February, 2017. In March of 2017, the band had their album release with Charleston local band Pluff Mud Queen. Before the show, the bands decided to have the final songs feature Pluff Mud Queen's guitarist/front man, Hunter Moss. What started as a spur of the moment idea ended up with the band recruiting Moss as the 4th and final member of Bizness Suit. Currently, the band is touring around Charleston, with plans to expand to the Southeast and record new music

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