Bizness Suit is a four piece rock band from Charleston, SC. The band was originally founded in 2014 by founding members Sean Barry(guitar/vocals) and Drew Tapp (bass). Between the two, Bizness Suit funded, recorded, and tracked their first EP, self titled Bizness Suit. Around the time of the final tracking of the EP, the band brought in Jeremy Hunton (drummer) to record the last few songs and become the third member of the group. With the EP in hand, Bizness Suit promoted the album coast to coast.

In 2015, the band connected with LA producer Martin Guigui and began making plans to record a full LP at Lion Share Studios in Los Angeles. After a three month fundraising campaign through Kickstarter and a trip to the City of Angels, Bizness Suit had recorded their debut album, Grey Sky Blues. During the mixing process, Martin introduced the band to two rock and roll legends: the first was Scott Page, saxophonist for Pink Floyd and Supertramp, and the second was Billy Gibbons, who Martin toured with during Billy’s first solo album, “Perfectamundo”. Page contributed to two tracks on the album and Gibbons recorded the last piece of the album - a solo for the single, Rock ‘N Rolla and did so with Martin while on the “Perfectamundo” tour. 

Bizness Suit's debut album, Grey Sky Blues

Shortly after that final guitar solo was recorded, Bizness Suit met and signed with Pacific Records out of San Diego. With the backing of Pacific Records, the band released the single, Rock ‘N Rolla, on January 10th and the full album, Grey Sky Blues, a month later on February, 10th, 2017.

On March 25th, 2017, Bizness Suit had their CD release in Charleston with local opener, Pluff Mud Queen. Because the band had to fill the epic shoes of Billy Gibbons for the Rock 'N Rolla solo, Bizness Suit wanted to have the final songs feature Pluff Mud Queen’s guitarist/singer, Hunter Moss. The result of having Hunter as the guest guitarist was the band bringing him on as the fourth and final member of Bizness Suit. The now four piece band had a busy 2017 touring around Charleston and the greater Southeast promoting Grey Sky Blues. 

On May 26th, 2018, a year and a few months after their debut album, Bizness Suit released their sophomore album, KING. This album was a bit different from their first - not only did it have Hunter on the album, but it was completely recorded and produced by the band in Charleston, SC with the bassist from Pluff Mud Queen, Stefan Williams, acting as sessions engineer and production advisor. The band had four days to record 17 tracks at Jeremy's parents house (they would like to thank Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy’s parents), then Hunter spent the next few months mixing and mastering the best 13 tracks that now make the album KING, and the first single, God Don't Even Know, was released along with the album. 

Currently, as of June 2018, the band is booking a Southeast tour from Charleston through Upstate SC and into NC and TN that they hope will fill out their fall and winter 2018 schedule. The band anticipates great things and wants to bring you into the fold. 

Coming to a stage near you, Bizness Suit, means bizness!

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Bizness Suit's sophomore album, KING
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